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Crimson Butterfly

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albino albino Here's a story that I have written a couple of weeks ago and i admitted myself in a short-stoy competition and I won the 3rd place because of this story! albino


Once there was a girl named Samantha, she is 14 years old; she has a younger brother named Adam, who is 11 years old, and Matthew, who is 9 years old.
Samantha has a rich grandmother that she loves so much and she has always visited her and her grandmother felt really loved by Samantha, which made Adam and Matthew jealous because the grandmother loves her more than them and she gives Samantha money.
The grandmother had a box which was full of expensive and priceless jewelry, and that night it was a night that the grandmother was going out, Adam had an idea which was a plot against Samantha so that they can get the grandmother's love and attention; they took the box out from the Grandma's house and snuck it in Samantha's drawer when she was out with her best friends, Sarah and Nicole, the grandmother came home to put some of the jewelry back in the box and it was a surprise for her that she couldn't find the box, then she called Helen, Samantha's mother "Helen, my box of jewelry had disappeared and I can't find it anywhere!" Samantha and her mother were really worried that a burglar came in and stole it. Adam went to Samantha's room to pretend he is getting something then he gets a surprise that he found the jewelry box, he did it and then he yelled out "Grandma, I found your jewelry box in Sammy's room!", and when they got there Samantha was astonished because she hasn't done this. The brothers were disappointed to know that the grandma forgave her because she knew that her favourite granddaughter wouldn't do that, so Adam's plan had failed.
"Let's go to Nicole and Sarah's house and tell them that Samantha says false things about them, so that they don’t speak to her." Said Matthew to Adam, they planned to do it the next day, when Samantha goes shopping with her mother, The boys went to the girls' houses and said that Samantha is just using them and she said that she doesn’t like them and she always talks badly about them, the girls believed what the two brothers said and decided to have a big fight with Samantha and never talk to her, the boys were really happy for what they did and poor Samantha stayed without any friends, and she told her mother about it then Samantha went to the girls and asked them "who told you that I speak behind your backs?" they ignored her, she kept asking "Please tell me who told you." Then they said "Your brothers told us." Samantha was really upset and went to her brothers, "What did you two say to my friends?" she asked, "We don’t know what you're talking about" they replied.
"Mom, Adam and Matthew said those things to Nicole and Sarah; they told me today that they did it." Samantha said to her mother. "Adam and Matthew, come here I want to ask you something." called Helen. "What's wrong, mother?" asked Matthew. "What did you two say to Samantha's friends?" Helen said, "Matthew did it and I told him that it's wrong, but he didn’t listen to me." Adam replied. Helen punished Matthew by preventing him from watching TV for a week.
Days passed, the grandmother had really bad coughs and every time Helen asks her about the reason of her retreated health she replies weakly "Nothing is wrong." the coughs became worse and worse everyday, and one afternoon, the grandmother collapsed and was sent to the hospital immediately by an ambulance, hours passed, the granddaughter and her mother's worries increased every 10 minutes, and finally the doctor came out "your mother has a tumor in her lungs and it has already spread in her body, she may not live for more than one month, sorry to break such bad news." The doctor said with a look of sorrow in his eyes.
Samantha was shocked and she had tried to do anything to get her grandma back, but nothing worked, she told her friends and they were sorry to hear it.
One day, Samantha got an SMS that said "Do you want to exchange your life with your grandmother's? If you reply yes, I will let your grandmother live to a ripe old age." Samantha went to her friends and told them what had happened and then she replied the message saying "Let me ask you a question first, are you a human?" then suddenly her face turned pale when the reply came "I am not a human. A spirit, I have powers and I am from the dark side, you have one week to give me your answer". By the 6th day Samantha was really sad because it seemed like her grandmother is on the verge of death, so she immediately sent an SMS to that number saying "Please take my life, save my grandmother."
Samantha's condition was declining, she had a high fever and a non-stop nosebleed, she was hospitalized and the doctors ran over 5 tests but they still have never found out any reason for this strange incident, and unfortunately Samantha got brain-dead and she stayed like this for a week till her parents lost hope and they pulled the plugs on her, and she died.
Sarah tried to tell Samantha's parents about what had happened, but they never believed her, and the strangest thing was that the SMSes had disappeared from Samantha's mobile phone mysteriously.
However, the grandmother's tumor had gone and she recovered, Sarah told her how Samantha exchanged her life for her recovery, even though Helen didn’t believe her, the Grandmother had believed her. She realized her precious granddaughter's sacrifice because she loved her so much. "Sarah, why didn’t you stop Samantha? I am old, Samantha has a future."
They both cried that time," I should have stopped Samantha" Sarah said.
Since that day Sarah tried calling that number and sending messages, but all she gets is "Number is not in use." So she gave up.
Years passed, Nicole and Sarah are in high school now, one day they got a little bit bad and tried using an Ouija Board, the word "ouija" literally means "oui" in French which means "yes", therefore "ja" is in German means "yes", and that board is used to summon spirits, but that board can give "yes" or "no" answers as well as giving detailed answers.
The two girls went to the woods and tried to summon Samantha's spirit, a few tries failed then one time it moved and answered "Y...E...S", it turned out that they are speaking to "Jeffrey", he had another friend called "Alex", they told the girls that they were traveling together but they died in a car accident, in the forest that the girls were in, they said that they loved the girls and asked to be their boyfriends, the girls agreed.
After two weeks, Nicole playfully asked the pair to "prove their love", thinking that the couple are unable to do anything, they were wrong, there were a few twigs and stones on the ground, they began to twist to a shape of a heart! Alex and Jeffrey really DID love the girls; Nicole felt it's impossible to have a real relationship with a spirit, so they both decided to move on with their lives, they told Jeffrey and Alex, they understood and didn’t bother them since, and eventually stopped attending the "sessions" with the spirits.
Life settled into a routine of a normal high school students, attending boring classes and arguing with siblings, Nicole had an incident with a teacher who was picking on her way of wearing her school uniform and she got depressed until one day she heard that the teacher was in a hospital and he had a car accident, he crashed to a tree, suffering from cuts and bruises.
Nicole felt fear that he flesh started to tingle, and then she ran to the woods and said to the spirit boys "Thanks." She said, She heard nothing, no voice, nothing at all, "perhaps the boys were upset with Sarah and me" she thought. The woods remained as quiet and as she walked home she stepped on gravel then she noticed the twigs and stones, arranged in the familiar shape of that heart, still intact after such a long, long time, she cried.
Sarah has graduated from high school and she said her speech, she said in it "yes, my best friend as a child was Samantha, she's still with me and I'll meet her again, I'm sure. Good people don’t die, their deeds live forever."
The grandmother passed away due to heart failure and gave her legacy to Sarah and Nicole, who got married shortly after their graduation, as for Adam, he became a doctor, which was his dream job as a child, and Matthew is still studying abroad, he is studying business.
We learned from this story that we should accept how things are and never envy people, no matter what happens, jealousy and hatred will never help making things better, they will make things worse.
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CuteyaH MaRooMa
CuteyaH MaRooMa

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ThanX Crismon Butterfly

I like it Laughing
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عيون المها
عيون المها

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هلا .....

this story is very nice

like you

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уєѕ gσνєяηмєηт

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hi sexy

you know that i always
loved your story its so
exsiteing and incridble

thank you sooooo much my bff

im waiting for another story from you ToGether4eVER

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